Photo by Ruth Lake, 1st premie Champion Filly and "Best of Show" Champion Winner 'Winzlet' with Owners,                         Judges, Runners and the President and Vice President of CCFC.

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    Dear Friends, well I think we had a very nice kuering this year, It was a record number of horses for us. the total the was shown was 44. Everything went fairly smoothly, There were no major complaints from anyone and the overall feedback and consensus I received was that people felt the judges were very fair this year, and that the runners did a good job.

    We had the prestige and excitement of having a stallion chosen for Central Proving. Wow, (He will have the entire CCFC club as a fan base). We also had 3 young 2nd premie Ster mares and one repeat mare make 2nd premie ster. We had one 2nd premie ster gelding and 2 first premie fillies, (one that received the best in show award.)

    The Judges seemed to focus on confirmation of the horse and equality of movement. Horses were marked down for having too short legs ( mostly in relation to all four) too slanting crops, not enough pushing power from the hind end and for not have a good enough stride in the walk and or trot. All things that I think people can relate to. If the judges felt that the horse was too immature and should be shown again when it was a little older, they said so. I think that all the comments could be viewed and seen also by the spectators. The judges had a good time, they were personable, friendly had good senses of humor. They invited any and all, to come and ask them questions after the kuering. This was very appreciated by the exhibitors, and I think and hope it was taken advantage of. The judges liked our kuering site and how our kuering was run and said it was well organized. I think all would like to see these judges come again.

    My only comment for myself as the main Kuering organizer, but no reflection on the judges is that I would like to know a little in advance how each set of judges is going to want the kuering to go. Each time it is different and I feel bad on behalf of the exhibitors, that there was a lot of hurry up and wait. Often until were told by the judges, we do not know how and if, something is going to be changed, this happens e very year. The uncertainty as to the order of things, whether or not that they are now going to measure or that they want to see the next class…. Its all unknown by me, and personal preference to each set of judges. So I want to apologize to any of you that had to wait around for the decisions to be executed. I appreciate all your patience and that every one was stoic, and kindly no one complained. I promise will try to get some sort of at least semi set seclude in advance for next year.

    We had some great horses and people attending, no one was injured, human or Equine. All horses did well to the best of there ability, we had fun with the raffle. We hope that the couple of people that had trailer and truck mechanical problems made it home safely. And that those high place ranking enjoyed the generously donated prizes by local and corporate venders. Sincerely, Melissa Fischbach CCFC President

~PHOTOGRAPHS ~ CLICK HERE More photos By Melissa
CLICK HERE to see photos by RUTH LAKE the show photographer at our Inspection. She did photograph every entry, if you dont see your horse on her site please contact her to find out how you can.

Photos by Melissa Fischbach

Name Category Premie/Rating Sire Dam's Sire Owner
Cat. 13/14 Stallions For Ster and Central Proving by Invitation
914 Jasper Cat. 13/14 Stallions Ster Anton Deidert D. Amy
915 Harold VR Cat. 13/14 Stallions Ster & GOING FOR CENTRAL PROVING Sape Oltman J. Basagoitia (CCFC member)
1681 Dimer fan Lutke Peinjum Cat. 13/14 Stallions Ster Jasper Feitse C. White
912 Danjurre Cat. 13/14 Stallions none Wicher Bartled E. Cornwell
913 Fabian Cat. 13/14 Stallions none Jelke Anton C. Jo
1687 Limoges Cat. 13/14 Stallions Ster Anne Bartled L. Raynak
1689 Neptune Cat. 13/14 Stallions none Tsjerk Laes N. Reed (CCFC Member)
Cat.5 3+ Mares for Studbook/Ster
891 Jikke D Cat.5 3rd Nanning Tjitte S. Dreyer (CCFC Member)
892 Mindra ISF Cat.5 Stb Jasper Anton J & T Mouck (CCFC Member)
893 Magdalen Cat. 5 2nd, Ster CHAMPION Otte Ulke P. Davis
894 Marit FT Cat. 5 3rd Nanno Abe T. Hathaway
895 Kismet D Cat. 5 Stb Feike Oege B. Brandstad (CCFC Member)
896 Namke Siduna Cat.5 Stb Wander Tsjerk R & M Sikkema
897 Belle de Jour Cat.5 2nd, Ster Wicher Bartled M. Takeuchi
899 Finale Cat.5 3rd Nanno Pike L. Wright
898 Calypso J Cat.5 Stb Melle Bartled M. Takeuchi
900 Obla D Cat.5 Stb Sibald Bandert S & S Stecher (CCFC Members)
901 Mionios Cat.5 stb Sibald Lukas J. Basagoitia (CCFC Member)
916 Mette Marit Cat.5 2nd, Ster RES. CHAMPION Andries Abe G & P O'Rooney (CCFC Members)
1688 Marieanne S Cat.5 Stb Ukle ? H. Martinez
Catagory 6, Mares repeat for Ster
902 Fredercia Cat.5 3rd Warn Jurjen E. Jenner
903 Katrina R Cat. 6 2nd, Ster Wicher Bendert N. Reed (CCFC Member)
904 Fimme Fan Henswoude Cat. 6 no change Reimer Oege A & M Stephenson
905 Kitana Cat. 6 No Change Wander Rypke J & T, Mouck (CCFC Member)
906 Djoeke Cat. 6 3rd Anton Jochem E. Enriquez
917 Kalinja Cat. 6 No Change Leffert Hearke G & P O'Rooney (CCFC Members)
Catagory 10 3+ Geldings For Studbook & Ster
907 Ole fan Sil Cat.10 Stb leffert Dirk A. Kloosterman (CCFC Member)
908 Germ fan e Polle Cat.10 2nd, Ster CHAMPION Reyert Jillis M. Nelson-Pawlowski (CCFC Member)
909 Falco Cat.10 3rd, RES. CHAMPION Jasper Piter A. Brown (CCFC Member)
918 Gisolt fan it Mounehus Cat.10 Stb Jasper Jochem O'Brien & D. Jasper
Catagory 11 Geldings Repeat for Ster
910 Durk Cat. 11 Stb Erik Jillis D. Acquistapace-Watkins (CCFC Members)
Catagoy 3, Yearling Fillies for Premimum
889 Trix van de Weteringhoeve Cat.3 2nd Jasper Abel J & T, Mouck (CCFC Member)
Catagoy 1 Fillies for Foalbook
875 Yanastasia by Friesian Affaire Cat.1 2nd Teade Bendert R & K Wright (CCFC Members)
877 Yasmine Fan Helsing Cat.1 2nd Teade Teunis W. Pioli (CCFC Member)
880 Xanne van het Wijnland Cat.1 2nd Sjaard Nanning D. Connors (CCFC Member)
876 Zaphira by Friesian Affaire Cat.1 3rd Sibald Sander R & K Wright (CCFC Members)
881 Zeanne fan Morningstar Cat.1 2nd Beart Pyt R & M Sikkema
890 Winzelt Cat.1 1st, CHAMPION & BEST OF SHOW Sibald Feitse R. Orlick
1685 Vinus Cat.1 1st, Reserve Champion Tsjerk Bendert N. Reed (CCFC Member)
Catagoy 2 Colts for Foalbook
884 Xander Cat.2 2nd Remmelt Bartled A & A Hart
885 Zeade RS Cat.2 2nd, RES. CHAMPION Teade Rypke J & T Mouck (CCFC Members)
887 Zion fan Scholten Cat.2 2nd Tietse Remmelt S. Scholten
886 Xander RS Cat.2 2nd Winand Wander J & T Mouck (CCFC Members)
919 Yonder of Friesian Glory Cat.2 2nd, CHAMPION Anton Leffert G & P O'Rooney (CCFC Members)