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    Hello All, well we survived and perhaps triumphed in our 8th year of hosting the kuering.( Despite having to have our show at a new facility that no one was familiar with that caused some initial disputes turmoil and drama) The actual day of the show went well. Our Judges were Sjouke DeGroot and Pieter Bergsma. The runners were; Berry Van der genugten, Jordy Engelman and Cristian Reitsema. The facility we used was Rapp Ranch located in Napa valley. The location was beautiful, the grounds were well cared for and the Manager Gloria Limon and her staff were very very helpful. This was biggest event that they had ever had at their facility and in order to provide stalls for everyone ( we had 12 more than we were initially allotted) they cleaned out stalls being used for tack rooms and feed rooms and moved out boarders horses for the day. We ended up using every one of the 42 stall they were able to provide. The arena was a lovely indoor, open at one end with Nike footing. Rapp Ranch provided stacked hay bale seating in the indoor for everyone and also cleaned all the stalls and feed everyone's horses! There was plenty of shade and all we could have wished for additionally was perhaps a cool breeze. 24 horses arrived between the hours of 7 -9am on Saturday morning; 5-6 Rapp Ranch Employees took over the chore of finding agreeable parking spaces for the multitude of trailers that arrived in groups of 1 to 10 at a time. We give them a 5 star rating.

Lunch and breakfast were provided by a local Napa club. Who barbecued yummy burgers etc. on site.

This year runners were pre paid for, we pre assigned all the stalls placed all the numbers in bags that were attached to the stalls along with the horses names owner info etc. and had everything pre paid on our end, there was no check in necessary. It made things go very smooth and for the first time in our history we were ready to go before the judges even arrived! We started at a lazy 9:30 and were finished by about 3:30 and we were all packed up, cleaned up, and out of there well before 5pm.

We had two glitches during the show, Initially we had no sound and the judges kindly and loudly spoke out their comments… finally an enterprising person from Rapp Ranch was able to get the system online so by a quarter of the way in we had a microphone for the judges to use. Our other glitch was a number mix up with the champion and reserve champion geldings getting switched, it was quickly resolved once the judge made the placement announcement into the microphone and the everyone realized that the horses had been lined up in the wrong order thereby receiving the wrong ribbons, not sure where or with who the mix up happened, but we apologize for this. Thank you to both parties who took the change gracefully.

The judges said the kuering was very well run, their only comment was they thought the facility was a bit of a long drive from their hotel (which they loved, and said they always wanted to stay there from now on) we of course agree with them, it just could not be helped this year.

Side note; I had dropped the judges off the day prior while I drove the hour out to Rapp Ranch to set up. So they had a short 'holiday' on Friday afternoon lounging at the pool, where they got sunburned Hence the comment Sjouke said about there being "some 'red ' people at the kuering," he was referring to himself!

All the exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the event. If someone had a question or concern it was promptly addressed. Communication this year was very good. Judges main Comments on the horses were "not enough power in the hind end", I spoke to them about this later to clarify and they said they wanted the horses to sit/tuck more in the hind end and step under themselves with the hind legs.

We had a fun Raffle , enthusiastically run by two daughters of CCFC member Shea Elledge. The raffle raised about $225.00 which will help to offset the Inspection costs. (I will have a listed of donators and contact information posted very soon. ) But thank you very much.

Class Sponsors:
Colt and filly = Grand Meadows
Mare - Saddles to Boots. Michelle Helberg, 6144 Sebastopol Rd (Hwy 12 West), Sebastopol, CA 95472, 707-823-9700
Gelding - Santa Rosa Saddlery, Ed Olsen, 5338 Hwy 12 West, Santa Rosa, CA 95407, 707-527-8225
Champion-Hunt & Behrens, inc. John Martin , petaluma CA, 707-762-4594

Raffle Sponsors:
The Baroque Horse Store, Melissa fischbach 707-937-2133
Christy @ Cowboy Magic, 1200 N Van Buren Street, Anaheim, CA 92807, 800-755-6844
Selina Galick, Horseshoe Mart, 2100 Llano Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95407, 707-578-7320
Linda Bryd, Horses and Things, 2836 Granvenstein Hwy S., Sebastopol, CA 95472, 707-829-8696
The Friesian Book, FW Kooistra 14500 diamond Star rd. Red Bluff, CA 96080-9127, 530-528-1500

A BIG thank you to all the CCFC member s who volunteered their time to help with this event on the day, several of which drive 4+ hours to be with us! Thank you! Thank you! let me tell you, all of you count and every one person that can shoulder even one little task for the organizers make a big difference. Then we all get a chance to watch parts of the show.

A big Thank you to Rapp Ranch, managers and employees. You we above and beyond the call of duty to see us happy.

A big thank you to Megan and Sharon and everyone at FHANA, who also had to help us with several issues for our venue, last minute entries etc.

Sincerely, Melissa Fischbach President, CCFC

~PHOTOGRAPHS ~ CLICK HERE to see photos by RUTH LAKE the show photographer at our Inspection. She will Post photos from those of you who signed up In advance on her website. However, She did photograph every entry, if you decide you would like to order photos from her. please contact her or call 707-849-4732 to find out how you can view and order photos of your horse(s).

Photos below by Melissa Fischbach
Or Shea.


Name Category Premie/Rating Sire Dam's Sire Owner
Cat. 13/14 Stallions For Ster and Central Proving by Invitation
1305 Hotze Cat. 13 Stallions Ster & CHOSEN FOR CENTRAL PROVING Bonne 341 Ids 300 Vinels/Caceres
1308 Mindert S. Cat. 13 Stallions Ster Ulbert 360 Dirk 298 Janna & Ron Goldman (CCFC members)
Cat.5 3+ Mares for Studbook/Ster
1289 SeikeD Cat.5 Stb Tsjerk 328 Piter 312 Marie Haffner
1290 Richtsje van de Woudhoeve Cat.5 2nd Premie Ster Fabe 348 Folkert 353 Henery & Alberta Martinez
1291 Sabrina fan de Merrewyk Cat.5 Stb Ulbert 390 Tsjerk 328 Marilyn Persiani
1292 Riley W. Cat. 5 Stb 3rd premie Jasper 366 Anton 343 Suzy Seamon
1294 Paradise Cat. 5 Stb 3rd premie Doaitsen 420 Teunis 332 Gary Pharoah
1328 Obrienne Cat. 5 Stb 3rd premie Sibald 380 Jochem 259 Don Jasper 7 Julie O'brian (CCFC Members)
Catagory 6, Mares repeat for Ster
1295 Fetsje van de Dollen Cat.5 not STB Feitse 293 oege 267 Patricia Laude
1329 Marit F.T. Cat. 6 Stb Nanno 372 Abe 346 Taryn Hathaway
1330 Jildou G.L. Cat. 6 Stb, 3rd premie Tsjerk 328 Dirk 298 Stephania Meagher
1297 Djoeke T. Cat. 6 Stb, 3rd premie Anton 343 Jochem 259 K.Enriquez
1298 Isis of Starry knight Cat. 6 Stb Anne 340 Oege 267 Dan Byrum
1299 Kitana Cat. 6 Stb Wander 352 Rypke 321 Jason & Tabitha Mouck CCFC Members
1300 Naomi from Wildwind Cat. 6 Stb Anne 340 Bartled 292 Sondra Vandiver
1301 Namke Siduna. Cat. 6 Stb, 3rd premie Wander 352 Tsjerk 328 Ralph & Margitta Sikkema
1302 Mindra ISP Cat. 6 Stb Jasper 366 Anton 343 Jason & Tabitha Mouck CCFC Members
1331 Isabella F. Cat. 6 Stb, 3rd premie Feitse 293 Naen 264 Sherry Reed
Catagory 8, 4+ Ster Mare for Premium
1303 Ina Fiduna F. Cat.8 no change 2nd Ster, RES. CHAMPION Sape 381 Oege 267 Susan Slaviero
1332 Sjirkje F. Cat. 8 no change 2nd Ster Jochem 259 oege 267 Don Jasper & Julie O'Brian, CCFC Members
1334 Zambi de Perior Cat. 8 no change 2nd Ster Wander 352 Sander 269 Jackie Basagoitia CCFC member
1280 Lyske fan lutke Peinjum Cat. 8 no change 2nd Ster, CHAMPION Onne 376 Fabe 348 Marc Guerra
Catagory 10 3+ Geldings For Studbook & Ster
1333 Haarlem Cat.10 No stb Bonne 341 Ids 300 Magali Mc Greevy
1334 Teade-Gelf Cat.10 Stb Rypke 321 Jillis 301 Steve & Muriel price CCFC Member
1306 Glor van de Bist Cat.10 stb, 3rd Premie Feitse 293 Oege 267 Dana Leavitt
1307 Jalke v.d. Laarbeek Hoeve Cat.10 2nd premie ster-CHAMPION Tsjerk 328 Teunis 332 Ron & Janna Goldman CCFC members
1310 Sijtse fan Lunia Cat.10 2nd premie ster-RES. CHAMPION Leffert 306 Hearke 254 Susan Slaviero
1311 Sjoerd Cat.10 No stb Fede 350 Falke 291 Ruth Page CCFC member
Catagory 11 Geldings Repeat for Ster
1312 Falco Cat. 11 Nothing Jasper 366 Piter 312 Ashley Brown (CCFC Members)
Catagoy 2 Colts for Foalbook
1282 Argonaut Cat.2 2nd Brandus 345 Tsjerk 328 Julie Haynes
1283 Aragon Cat.2 1st premie, CHAMPION Tietse 428 Feitse 293 Patricia Laude
1314 Bolero Cat.2 2nd Jesse 435 Dirk 298 Ruth Page, CCFC member
1315 Biscotti Cat.2 1st premie, RES. CHAMPION Eibert 419 Sjaard 320 Ruth Page, CCFC member
1316 Chrysolyte Cat.2 2nd Maiko 373 Brandus 345 Christine Brecht, CCFC member
1320 Aragon RS Cat.2 2nd Heintse 354 Jasper 366 Jason & Tabithia Mouck CCFC Members
1325 Agape of Friesian Glory Cat.2 2nd Tietse 428 Andries 415 Glory & Patrick O'Roony, CCFC member
1326 Anton Cat.2 3rd Leffert Feitse 293 Sherry Reed
Catagoy 1 Fillies for Foalbook
1284 Annie from Wildwind Cat.1 3rd Feike 395 Anne 340 Frederik Kooistra
1285 Antonique by Friesian Affaire Cat.1 2nd premie RES. CHAMPION Nanning 374 Anton 343 Richard & Kimberly Wright, CCFC Members
1313 Bemke Siduna fan Morningstar Cat.1 2nd Mintse 384 Wander 352 Ralph Sikkema
1317 Ayda Cat.1 3rd Jesse 435 Wierd 409 Dawn Maxson
1318 Carre RS Cat.1 1st premie CHAMPION Mintse 384 Rypke 321 Jason & Tabitha Mouck, CCFC Members
1319 Aanje RS Cat.1 3rd Nanning 374 Wander 352 Jason & Tabitha Mouck, CCFC Members
1327 Camelot Cat.1 2nd Tietse 428 Nanno 372 Taryn Hathaway
Catagoy 3, Yearling Fillies for Premimum
1287 Waindrop Cat.3 3rd Andries 415 Heinse 354 Ruth Page, CCFC Member
Catagoy 4, 2+ Fillies for Premimum
1288 Traveler Cat.4 2nd Doaitsen 420 Reyert 337 Brian Ness