Photo 1&2 "Zariana of Noble"-1st Premie Ster/Provisional Crown, Mare Champion and Best of the Show.
Owned by CCFC Member Susan Slaviero

Awards and Auction Item Sponsors:

Grand Meadows
Hunt & Behrens, inc. John Martin, Petaluma CA, 707-762-4594
Back Creek Farm 707-829-1242, Sebastopol, CA
Santa Rosa Equestrian Center, Santa Rosa CA, 707-566-0500,
The Baroque Horse & Friesian Store,
Cowboy Magic, 1200 N Van Buren Street, Anaheim, CA 92807, 800-755-6844

Thank you to our Inspection Committee; Melissa Fischbach, David Stecher and Lesley-Ann Van Darren. And a big thank you to all the CCFC members who volunteered their time and expense to help with this event, it could not have been done without you:
David Stecher, Lesley-Ann and Tim Van Darren, Melissa Fischbach, Brigitte Bondoux, Kenn & Susan McCarty, Muriel Price, Susan Hall, Gina Sierra, Lisa Fuetsch, Maddison and Shea Elledge, Ruth Page & Friends.

IBOP CHAMPION "Teake" 2nd premie ster gelding scoring a 77

Owned by Maddi's Friesian Ranch/ CCFC Member Ruth Page.

~PHOTOGRAPHS ~ Our show Photographer was Mark Dileo. Please contact him if you would like to order photos of your horse.
Marks webpage

Judges:(back to front) Ed Pouw & Jan Hendrickst

Our runners were: Jort Hein De Wit(center), Robbert Anton van Bergeijk (right) & Willem Houterman (left), thank you guys for a job well done!
Name Category Premie/Rating Sire Dam's Sire Owner
Catagoy 1 Colts for Foalbook
691 Kaleb MFR Cat.1 2nd Premie-CHAMPION Sape 381 Jochem 259 CCFC Member Ruth Page
693 Jacob MFR Cat.1 2nd premie Tietse 428 Siek 326 CCFC Member Ruth Page
693 Jornick B.C.F. Cat.1 2nd Premie Sipke 450 Tsjerk 328 Lesley Ann & Tim Van Daren -CCFC Members
694 Landon MFR Cat.1 2nd premie-RESERVE CHAMPION Sape 381 Sjaard 320 CCFC Member Ruth Page
Catagoy 2 Fillies for Foalbook
695 Johanna MFR Cat.2 1st premie Tietse 428 Heinse 354 CCFC Member Ruth Page
696 Klara fan Ness Cat.2 1st Premie- RESERVE CHAMPION Sipke 450 Doaitsen 420 Brian J. Ness & Micheal Weiss-CCFC Members
697 Kahia MFR Cat.2 2nd premie Sipke 450 Fetse 349 CCFC Member Ruth Page
698 Lucia F.J. Cat.2 2nd Teitse 428 Ritse 322 Shawnee Free Jones
42341 Lauren of Friesian Glory Cat.2 1st Premie- CHAMPION Tietse 428 info pending Susan Slaviero-CCFC member
Cat.3 Yearling Mares For Premium
699 Grace MFR Cat.3 2nd Premie Wander 352 Teunia 332 Ruth Page- CCFC Member
Cat.5 4+ Mares for Studbook/Ster
700 Tonja fan Helsing Cat.5 2nd Premie-Ster Teade 392 Ouke 313 Walt Pioli- CCFC Member
701 Topaz Cat.5 NP/STB Rintse 386 Yk 339 Catherine Helgeson
702 Waldou Cat.5 NP/STB Jasper 366 Tsjerk 328 Shawnee Free Jones
Cat.6 3+ Mares for Studbook/Ster
703 Coby Fan Oostenburg Cat.6 3rd/STB Doaitsen 420 Tsjerk 328 Shawnee Free Jones
704 Aanje R.S. Cat.6 3rd/STB Nanning 374 Wander 352 Jason & Tabitha Mouck -CCFC Members
705 Carre R.S. Cat. 6 NP/STB Mintse 384 Rypke 321 Jason & Tabitha Mouck -CCFC Members
Catagory 7, Mares repeat for Ster
706 IIske V. Veldzicht Cat.7 2nd Premie/STER Folkert 353 Tsjeard 331 Mari Anne Vanella-CCFC Member
707 Tiffany from Wildwind Cat. 7 2nd Premie/STER Sibald 380 Barteld 292 Frederik W. Kooistra
708 Ziva T.C.F. Cat.7 2nd Premie/STER-RESERVE CHAMPION Anton 343 Sjaard 320 Beth & Richard Sharp-CCFC Member
709 Zariana of Noble Cat. 7 1st Premie/STER-CHAMP. PROVISONAL CROWN- BEST OF SHOW CHAMP. Anton 343 Feitse 293 Susan Slaviero - CCFC Member
Catagory 12 3+ Yr Geldings for gelding Book & Ster
711 Xander Cat.13 NP/STB Remmelt 323 Barteld 292 Renee Wolfe-CCFC Member
712 Caspian Cat.13 2nd Premie Ster-CHAMPION Teade 392 Nanno 372 Todd & Jacque Werner CCFC Members
Catagory 14 Star Geldings for Premium
713 Teake Cat.14 2nd premie/Ster Teade 392 Erik 351 Ruth Page -CCFC Member
Catagory 20A-IBOP Riding
713 Teake (gelding) Cat 20Ae 77-passed Ibop, but stayed a 2nd premie- IBOP CHAMPION Teade 392 Erik 351 Ruth Page - CCFC Member
701 Topaz (mare) Cat.20A Score: 70 - Given Studbook Rintse 386 Yk 339 Cathrine Helgeson
714 Tsjitske fan Sinserhus (mare) Cat.20A Score: Total 73 RES CHAMPION IBOP Sape 381 Olof 315 Jason & Tabitha Mouck CCFC- Members
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