769 Vegaslas -1st Premie Ster/Provisional Crown mare, Champion of the Mares and Best of the Show.
Owned by Jeffrey Duffield, Photo by Melissa Fischbach

Awards & Sponsors:

Hunt & Behrens, inc. John Martin, Petaluma CA, 707-762-4594
The Baroque Horse Store,
Cowboy Magic, 1200 N Van Buren Street, Anaheim, CA 92807, 800-755-6844
Maddi's Friesian Ranch-
Black Silk Friesians-
Grand Meadows
Robert Baker

Thank you to our Inspection Committee; Melissa Fischbach, David Stecher and Lesley-Ann Van Darren.

And a big thank you to all the CCFC members who volunteered their time to help with this event, it could not have been done without you: David and Sunni Stecher, Lesley-Ann and Tim Van Darren, Melissa Fischbach, Brigitte Bondoux, Walt Pioli, Muriel Price, Susan Hall, Cindy Cole-Sauvignon, Katie and Shea Elledge. If I forgot you please let me know.

775 Fever T.C.B. Ster Stallion. Owner CCFC Member Bernie Sandoval. Photo: Melissa Fischbach

~PHOTOGRAPHS ~ Our show Photographer was Mark Dileo. Please contact him if you would like to order photos of your horse.
Marks webpage
Judges: Henk Van Der Meulen and Louis Hompe

Our runners were: Sjouke Plantings, Joe Unger and Alex Gibson, thank you guys for a job well done!
Name Category Premie/Rating Sire Dam's Sire Owner
Catagoy 1 Colts for Foalbook
746 Magnum B.C.F. Cat.1 3rd Premie Sipke 450 Feitse 293 CCFC Member: Lesley Ann Van Deran
748 Minden MFR Cat.1 2nd premie, RES. CHAMPION Tietse 428 Fetse 349 CCFC Member: Ruth Page
749 Manihi MFR Cat.1 2nd Premie, CHAMPION Doaitsen 420 Tsjerk 328 CCFC Member: Ruth Page
750 Mikhail MFR Cat.1 2nd premie Uwe 4581 Sjaard 320 CCFC Member; Ruth Page
Catagoy 2 Fillies for Foalbook
752 Magdelena Cat.2 2nd premie Lolke 371 Bendert 281 Ryan & Ron Terpstra
753 Nicole MFR Cat.2 2nd Premie Doaitsen 420 Teade 392 CCFC Member: Ruth Page
754 Mariah MFR Cat.2 1st premie RES. CHAMPION Doaitsen 420 Teunis 332 CCFC Member: Ruth Page
755 Ophelis van Francis. Cat.2 3rd Premie Maiko 373 Ludse 305 Cathy Moore
756 Maja F.V. Cat.2 2nd Premie Wybren 464 Siblad 380 CCFC Member: Lisa Cruikshank
757 Majesteit Mary van Francis Cat.2 3rd Premie Maiko 373 Nanning 374 Cathy Moore
758 Mimi Van Arctische Ster Cat.2 1st premie CHAMPION Tsjerk 328 Tietse 428 Debbie-Jo Bennett
759 Madeleine MFR Cat.2 2nd premie Mintse 384 Beart 411 CCFC Member: Ruth Page
760 Maike B.C.F. Cat.2 2nd Premie Sipke 450 Tsjerk 328 CCFC Member: Lelsey Ann Van Deran
Cat.3 Yearling Mares For Premium
761 Klara fan Ness Cat.3 2nd Premie Sipke 450 Doaitsen 420 CCFC Member: Brian Ness
Cat.5 4+ Mares for Studbook/Ster
762 Myntje S. Cat.5 Studbook, No Premie Tsjalke 397 Gerlof 294 CCFC Member: Laura Peckham-Sweeney
763 Celma of Shady Nook Farm Cat.5 Studbook, 3rd premie Wander 352 Lute 304 CCFC Member: Shea Elledge
764 Athena S. Cat.5 Not in Studbook Anton 343 Leffert 306 CCFC Member: Melanie Overby
Cat.6 3+ Mares for Studbook/Ster
765 Danika B.C.F. Cat.6 Studbook, STER 2nd Premie Mintse 384 Tsjerk 328 CCFC Member: Sara Leslie
776 Famke fan Morningstar Cat.6 Studbook, No Premie Sibald 380 Wander 352 Maria Perolia
Catagory 7, Repeat Studbook Mares for Ster
766 Traveler Cat.7 Studbook, No Premie Doaitsen 420 Reyert 337 CCFC Member: Brian Ness
768 Zhaana Cat. 7 Studbook, No Premie Nanning 374 Bouwe 242 Tabitha Hartley
Cat. 8 4-6 yr Star Mares for Premimun
769 Vegaslas Cat.8 1st Premie, CHAMPION MARE, PROV. CROWN & BEST OF SHOW Beart 411 Teunis 332 Jeffery Duffield
770 Ziva T.C.F. Cat.8 2nd Premie Anton 341 Sjaard 320 CCFC Members: Richard and Elizebeth Sharp
Cat. 10 Crown Mare for Premimum
771 Nitha fan'e tuorrebout Cat.10 1st Premie Beart 411 Teunis 332 JCCFC Member: Ruth Page
772 Pocahantas M.T.B.F. Cat.10 1st Premie, RES. CHAMPION Teade 3921 Tjitte 333 CCFC Member: Ruth Page
Catagory 12 3+ Yr Geldings for gelding Book & Ster
774 Wouter S.F. Cat.13 Studbook, No Premie Wander 352 Wicher 3342 CCFC Member: Brian Ness
Catagory 17 3+ Yr Stallion for Sutdbook and Star
775 Fever T.C.B. Cat.17 STAR Feike 395 Nykle 906 CCFC Member: Bernie Sandoval