1st Premie Star Mare (12 year old) 'Feikje D.V.' Owned by Don Jasper and Julie O'Brien. was Mare Champion and Best of Show Champion. Pictured here with ( from left to right) KFPS Judge Ed Pouw, runner Alex Gibson , owner Julie O'Brien, runner Sjouke Plantinga and KFPS Judge Pieter Bergsma.

Champion mare 'Feikje D.V. showing her " pushing power"

1st premie Champion Filly: 'Surprise MFR' owned by Maddi's Friesian Ranch

Star Stallion: 'Xander fan Ramaker' owned by Ashley Rhodes

CCFC Member: Julie O'Brien, posing with her 1st premie Champion mare and best in show 'Feikje D.V. along with her Reserve Champion 2nd Premie Star mare ' Evangeline'... Pretty special day to have both the champion and the reserve champion mares.!!!! Big Congrads.

Awards & Sponsors:

Hunt & Behrens, inc. John Martin, Petaluma CA, 707-762-4594
The Baroque Horse Store,
Cowboy Magic, 1200 N Van Buren Street, Anaheim, CA 92807, 800-755-6844

Thank you to our Inspection Committee; Melissa Fischbach, David Stecher and Lesley-Ann Van Darren.

And a big thank you to all the CCFC members who volunteered their time to help with this event, it could not have been done without you: David Stecher, Lesley-Ann and Tim Van Deren, Melissa Fischbach, Brigitte Bondoux, , Muriel Price, Susan Hall, Cindy Cole-Sauvignon, Katie and Shea Elledge, Bob Baker, Brian Ness, If I forgot you please let me know.

~PHOTOGRAPHS ~ Our show Photographer was Marc Dileo. Please contact him if you would like to order photos of your horse.
Marc's webpage

Judges: Pieter Bergsma and Ed Pouw

Our runners were: Sjouke Plantings, and Alex Gibson, thank you guys for a job well done!
Name Category Premie/Rating Sire Dam's Sire Owner
Catagoy 1 Colts for Foalbook
617 Pasquale MFR. Cat.1 2nd Premie, CHAMPION Mintse 384 Teade 392 CCFC Member: Ruth Page
618 Peregrin Cat.1 3rd premie, RES. CHAMPION Sibald 380 Bendert 281 Ryan & Ron Terpstra
Catagoy 2 Fillies for Foalbook
620 Shenandoah MFR Cat.2 3rd premie Wybren 464 Jochem 256 CCFC Member: Ruth Page MFR
621 Phoebe MFR Cat.2 NO Premie Fridse 423 Ritse 322 CCFC Member: Ruth Page MFR
622 Sade Myers MFR Cat.2 2nd premie Doaitsen 420 Teade 392 CCFC Member: Ruth Page, MFR
623 Suprise MFR. Cat.2 1st Premie, CHAMPION Doaitsen 420 Tsjerk 328 CCFC Member: Ruth Page, MFR
624 Stephanir MFR Cat.2 1st Premie RES. CHAMPION Sape 381 Heinse 354 CCFC Member: Ruth Page, MFR
625 Quinn MFR Cat.2 1st Premie Meinse 439 Fetse 349 CCFC Member: Ruth Page, MFR
626 Sietske of Threen Cat.2 2nd premie Sibald 380 Goffert 369 Julie Haynes
Cat.4 Two year old Mares For Premium
627 Klara fan Ness Cat.4 2nd Premie Sipke 450 Doaitsen 420 CCFC Member: Brian Ness
Cat.5 4+ Mares for Studbook/Ster
628 Danneke T.C.F.. Cat.5 2nd Premie STAR Wander 352 Gradus 356 CCFC Members: Richard & Elizabeth Sharp
629 Evangeline Cat.5 2nd Premie, STAR RES.CHAMPION Tietse 428 Jochem 259 CCFC Members: Don Jasper & Julie O'Brien
Cat.6 4+ Mares for Studbook/Ster
630 Hellina T.C.F.. Cat.6 3rd premie Meintse 439 Anton 343 CCFC Members: Richard & Elizabeth Sharp
Catagory 7, Repeat Studbook Mares for Ster
777 Zpin Out Cat.7 No Premie Tietse 428 Adel 357 Jeffery Duffield
632 Mindra ISF Cat. 7 3rd premie Jasper 366 Anton 343 CCFC Member: Ashley Rhodes
633 Carre R.S. Cat. 7 3rd premie Mintse 384 Rypke 321 CCFC Members: Jason and Tabitha Mouck
Cat.9 7+ year Star Mares for Premimun
634 Feikje D.V. Cat.9 1st Premie, CHAMPION MARE & BEST OF SHOW Jasper 3661 Nammen 308 CCFC Members: Don Jasper & Julie O'Brien
Catagory 17 3+ Yr Stallion for Sutdbook and Star
635 Xander fan Ramaker Cat.17 STAR Anne 340 Lute 304 CCFC Member: Ashley Rhodes
636 Elvis T.C.B. Cat.17 - Tietse 428 Sape 3814 Mesha Burkhart