Wow, The Unthinkable Happened for 30 Minutes...Champion Stallion of the Keuring, and MORE! We attended to the keuring in our area today, and brought our 6 yr old Anton X Nykle stallion, "Up-t fan Panhuys' ( barn name: Majestic), for approval. Janna has been showing him all season with much success, but we figured we had no chance at having an Approved stallion. 3 stallions were entered for "3+ Stallion for Ster or Central Proving" and Majestic went last. We were SOOOO nervous, as it was out of our hands. It is a feeling that we are not accustomed to, that is having our best horse in the arena performing without one of us on his back! The feeling of apprehension, curiosity and excitement built as Majestic showed his wonderful attributes to the judges at the keuring as he walked and then trotted, as if floating, around the arena. It all happened so quickly with the Dutch judge first admiring Majestic in the middle of the ring and then asking to see his papers. Majestic literally floats when he trots, and we knew something was up when the Dutch Judge asked Janna to come into the ring with his pedigree. He talked about his dam, and then whispered that they were recommending he be sent for the 90 day stallion testing, he was on his way to becoming an Approved Stallion!! We couldn't believe it!!! What this happening? Could it be? Is Majestic one of the very very few who will be chosen to compete for the gold ring of Stallion Approval? The answer became clear as Janna was asked to speak with the Dutch judge who commented that Majestic had no flaws but that he would need to be measured and then his semen and x-rays assessed, before he would enter the next phase of Stallion testing. The American judge congratulated us. It all seemed so surrealistic. Majestic had made it!!! The toughest step had been taken. We were on air, ......for about 15 minutes. As we walked away from the arena with our Majestic black stallion in tow, we were floating. Then, we put Majestic first in line to be measured, and couldn't believe it when the same Judge said, "sorry, he is only 158 1/2 cm, he doesn't qualify because he is not 160 cm. SORRY!". Boy, what a whirlwind of emotions! We thought for Majestic clearly was tall enough.....The rickety measuring stick which looked like it belonged to the Dutch judge's grandfather was unfolded and the Dutch judge struggled to hold it in place....and three times the proud boy was measured, each time coming up about 2cm short. How could this be!!!! There must be a mistake....but as the air escaped from that balloon of elation, we realized that our wonderful Majestic was a tad bit short of the mark!!! The Dutch judge apologized and said that since Majestic was six, there was no chance for further growth and so the stallion approval testing for Majestic ended there....2 cm. short. So, as far as we know, there is nothing we can do to make Majestic a half inch taller [as he is already 6 yrs old] so the excitement came, and went, but he WAS named champion stallion of the keuring, and we love our Majestic anyway. Needless to say, it was a very exciting day and we thank the judges for their fine work, and we can't wait to WOW the same Dutch Judges with Majestic under saddle, competing at the IFSHA Grand Nationals next month:) And special special thanks to Brigitte Scholl of Monarch Stables, as we know she loves and cares for this special horse as if he were her own [yes, Brigitte, we saw the tears in year eyes when Majestic was trotting around the arena,and the crowd was cheering and going wild.] Congratulations to Majestic! - Ron Goldmen