SPECIAL THANK YOU to the 2004 Kuering volunteers, all of whom worked very hard to help pull this together; David & Sunni Stecher, Lesley and Tim Van Deren, Debbie Margiotta, Winnie Lea, Brigitte Bondoux, Susan and Charles Hall, Helima Cole, Melissa Fischbach, Nicole Reed, Cindy Cole, Peter Falla & Raven Houdek, Eileen Perkins & our video and photography crews: Deborah Fischbach & Ruth Lake. Please let me know if I have forgotten you! and thank you again, is was a pleasure to have all the help! ~ Melissa Fischbach CCFC president

Photo copyright: Ruth Lake
Champion, 1st premie Colt owned by CCFC Member Nicole Reed (being ribboned), with CCFC Member presenting the award: Sunni Stecher

Photo copyright: Deborah Fischbach
Part of the 2004 Kuering group from left to right: Melissa Fischbach CCFC President, Fetse Feldstra FPS Judge, Kris Fulwiler US/FPS judge, David Stecher CCFC treasurer, Helima Coe CCFC Member, Sjoerd Meekma FPS Runner, Cindy Cole CCFC Secretary, Huibert Maurice FPS Runner
The 2004 Kuering was a success, the judges gave praise to CCFC and said it was the best run kuering they had attended on this circuit. The runners loved to footing, as the fibar was easier to run in then sand. We had a 1st premie champion colt, and out of 9 mares we had 4 make Ster! one a 1st premie. Sadly one of the 2nd premie sters lost her status due to height. We had 3 stallion try for Central proving and 2 of the three were awarded Ster with one being accepted to attend central proving, Again sadly he was also lacking in height. to the CCFC success the first premie mare who also won champion and best in Show was a CCFC member as was the Stallion and the first premie champion colt. Congratulations to our members!!

Photo copyright: Melissa Fischbach

CCFC Member Kimberly Wright, Pictured with the judges with her 1st premie Champion and 'Best in show' Mare 'Bjefke fan de Kromme Jelte' ( Anton X foppe)

Photos copyright: Melissa Fischbach

Janna and Ron Goldmens Stallion "Up-t fan Panhuys" awarded ster and for a short time Central Proving approved ( Anton X Nykle) CLICK HERE TO READ Ron Goldmens story about the kuering and his 15 minutes of having a chosen stallion

Photo copyright: Ruth Lake

2004 CCFC Kuering Results
Name Category Premie/Rating Sire Dam's Sire Owner
Fillies for Foalbook
Magdalen Fillie 2nd Otte 375 Ulke 338 Joann Towle (CCFC Member)
Mataline Grand Cru Fillies 2nd Tsjerk 328 Jelke 367 Bonnie Gringer
Obla D. Fillies 3rd Sibald 380 Bendert 281 David & Sunni Stecher (CCFC Member)
Olena Fillies 2nd Res.Champ. Otte 375 Pyt 325 Lesley-Ann & Tim Van Deren (CCFC Members)
Obrienne Fillies 2nd Champion Sibald 380 Jochem Don Jasper
Colts for Foalbook
Marquis Colts 3rd Andries 415 Reyert 337 Gary Pharoah
Nico Colts 2nd Feitse 293 Oeds Denise & Craig England
Orion Fan Helsing Colts 3rd Ids 300 Laes 278 Walt Pioli Jr
Mozart Colts 2nd- Res. Champ. Teade 392 Sibald 380 Barbara Suechting
Neptune Colts 1st-Champion Tsjerk 328 Laes 278 Nicole & Patrick Reed (CCFC Members)
Odin Colts 3rd Rintse 386 Rypke 321 Patricia Kelly
3+ Year Mares for Studbook and Star
Beth D. studbook/ster Vb-too short Lukas 324 Jildert 299 Glenda Lovmaerk & Gina Reed
Bjefke fan de kromme jelte Studbook/Ster 1st Ster-Champion & Show Champion Anton Foppe 290 Richard & Kimberly Wright (CCFC Members)
Delfina Studbook/ster 2nd Ster Wicher 334 Bendert 281 Nicole & Patrick Reed (CCFC Members)
Djashin Studbook/ster stb Pyt 325 Jurjen 303 Terri Huberty & Eileen Perkins (CCFC Members)
Djoeke T Studbook/Ster 2nd Star, reduced to 3rd stb, too short Anton Jochem Karen Enriquez
Fantasia Studbook/ster 3rd stb Bendert 281 Sander 269 Richard & Kimberly Wright (CCFC Members)
Friesha Studbook/ster 3rd stb Pyt 325 Sir Lancelot Jackie Lundy
Tietsia v.d. Himmen Studbook/ster 3rd stb Heinse 354 Dirk 298 Glenda Lovmark & Gina Reed
Feikje d.v. Studbook/ster 2nd Ster-Res.Champ Jasper 366 Nammen Don Jasper
Mares Repeat for Star
Beatrix Repeat 3rd stb Bendert 281 Tamme 276 Renee Marzocchi-wolfe (CCFC member)
Brandy W. Repeat 3rd stb Ulke 338 Tsjerk 328 JoAnn Towle (CCFC Member)
Klaske V. Repeat 3rd stb Pyt 325 Laes 278 Lesley-Ann & Tim Van Deren (CCFC Members)
Twirre fan Snakkerstate Repeat 3rd stb Reitse Djurre Shelly Kessler
Annje Repeat 3rd stb Laes 278 Ids 300 Lauri Plummer
7 + Mares for Porv. Model
Marina B. Ster Model No Change Bendert 281 Bartled 292 Nicole & Patrick Reed (CCFC Members)  
Stallions for Central Proving
Edwoud M. Stallion No Otte 375 Nean 264 Melissa Boele
Fieke fan d'ald loop Stallion Ster Heinse 354 Remmelt 323 Charyl Silva
Up-t fan Panhuys Stallion accepted- but measured too short, Ster Anton Nykle 309 Ron & Janna Goldmen (CCFC Members)