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2018 News:

for up to date current Friesian horse news, please visit the Friesian Horse Association of North america
The Passing of Anton 343 Sport Preferent January 3, 2018
CCFC would like to extend condolences to his loving owners, this following is as posted on Anton's facebook page. His playful, engaging and affectionate character will leave a void in the hearts of Jamie, Kathy, Shelley and Scott, along with the thousands of Anton fans around the world that have had the honor to experience him in person or have followed him at a distance through social media. Team Fenway wants to personally thank Cathy and Terry Zine for bringing Anton to North America and giving all of us the opportunity to experience Anton in person. No words can adequately describe the collective heartbreak of Team Fenway.

2017 News:

for up to date current Friesian horse news, please visit the Friesian Horse Association of North america

2016/2015 News:

August,12 2015 Link to Facebook page dedicated to Friesian Inspections
Also Dont forget to sign up for the Inspections!!!
August 7, 2015 The Approved Stallion Mintse 384 sport, Passes. The Friesian Connection Family Amy Kroll and Janice VerMerris (Stallion Station) Bob and Arlene DeBoer Jim and Sally Bedeker, Ellisa Kroll and the friesian community, will all morn his loss.
July 2,2015 Alert 475 has passed away. He touched many of us with his beauty and grace but will be most deeply missed by his owners, Jim and Sally Bedeker and his caretakers Amy Kroll and Janice VerMerris of the Friesian Connection Stallion Station.
March 2, 2015 Congratulations to Jack and Margaret Vanderkooy from Kettle Creek Friesians on their newly approved stallion Julius 486 (Norbert 444 x Beart 411).

2014 News:

October, 10th , 2014 In Memory of KFPS Friesian Stallion Lolke 371 Sport.

In lieu of condolences John and Gloria request donations be made to the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses.
July 14, 2014 In Memory of Approved Stallion Melle 311

Melle 311 has passed away, due to old age.
July 7, 2014 The Approved Stallions; Fabe 348, Heinse 354 and Beart 411 have been declared Preferent.
June 4, 2014 In Memory of Anne 340 Sport
Anne 340 Sport owned by Kelly Carter Peevy has recently passed away due to a brain aneurysm.
June, 2014 Approved Stallin Maiko 373 Sport arrives back to the US from Australia. he is standing at sable farm.
May 8, 2014 In Memory of Wander 352

It is with profound sadness that I share with you the passing of Wander 352. We let him go May 7 as he was in chronic pain and the protocol of pain management versus quality of life did now warrant further struggle. We decided on cremation and his ashes will be scattered at sea.- Nina Miller
March 19, 2014 Approved Stallion Jisse 433 Coming to North America.

Jisse 433 continues his career in North America.. He will stand at the Leyendekker Friesians in Visalia, California.
January 11, 2014 2014 KFPS Hengsten Keuring Norbert 444 was awarded the champion of the older stallions while Mewes 438 claimed the reserve champion of the older stallions. Hette 481 was awarded champion of the younger stallions and Wolfert 467 was awarded reserve champion of the younger stallions.

Norbert 444 once again was awarded the overall champion while his son Hette 481 was awarded the reserve champion. Norbert 444 was also awarded the horse of the year for 2013. This is the third year in a row Norbert has been awarded the champion of the Hengsten Keuring.

Bene 476 ownd by Signature Friesians was the first North American stallion to travel to Leeuwarden especially for the Hengsten Keuring and will return in February made it all the way to the finals of the Young Stallions

2013 News:

December 27, 2013 Approved Stallion Erik 351 Sport has passed.
December 16, 2013 bDoaitsen 420 Sport is on the Move Doaitsen 420 is on the move to Gardnerville, NV and will now stand at Maddi's Friesian Ranch. Along with Andries 415 Sport.
March 21, Harmen 424 Sport died suddenly the 11-year pedigree stallion Harmen 424 Sport. He appeared Saturday at the stallion show in St. Nicolaasga and Monday he passed suddenly. Cause has not yet been shared, our condolences to his owners
March 2, 2013 Three US Stallions Get Approved Finally the three KFPS judges were able to make the long travel to DG Bar for the final round of the stallion testing. We first want to thank every one and their patience as we rescheduled this event due to the incident of Willy Arts. We are happy to announce that Willy is making some great progress. Alert 475 formerly known as Casper van de Oostwal (Jasper 366 x Hearke 254). Alert 475 was approved by using the short test based on performance. This is the first time this test has ever been performed here in North America. Alert 475 is owned by Jim and Sally Bedeker and will be standing at the Friesian Connection. Bene 476 formerly known as Bonne fan Signature Friesians (Doaitsen 420 x Leffert 306) owned by Caroly Schian Date 477 formerly known as Dominic FC (Mintse 384 x Tjitte 333) owned by Joseph Sieczka.
January, 2012- KFPS stallion show results: Norbert 444 Champion Tsjalle 454 Reserve Champion.

2012 News:

Dec 26, 2012 - KFPS Stallion Meinse 439 owned by Iron Spring Farm has been approved on offspring.
Dec 14, 2012 - Mauch Friesian's LLC, Kimball, MN- Rings in the Holidays with the acquisition of KFPS World Champion Melle 311 Sport, renowned Patriarch of the Age Bloodline.
Dec 5, 2012 Aproved Preferant stallion Leffert 306 Passes This week is the preferent stallion Leffert 306 deceased. Until recently, the 26-year-old stallion still very fit. In recent weeks, however, he deteriorated, so the inevitable decision had to be taken to make him sleep. Our condolences he was a fantastic Stallion.
March 3, 2012 Approved Stallion Jakob 302 passes away at the age of 27. Jakob brought rare blood lines, modern looks, and offspring sport ability. Jakob leaves 2 approved sons (Olrik 383 and Take 455), 2 approved gandsons (Wolfert 467 and Alke 468), and 1 approved grandson (Wybren 464). Our condolences to the Hofstee family in the Netherlands.
January 18, 2012 Stallions Permanently Approved on Offspring The stud book stallions Gjalt 426 Sport (Pyt 325 x Lukas 324), Hinne 427 Sport (Tsjerk 328 pref Sport x Falcon 291) and Jerke 434 Sport (Onne 376 Sport x Tsjerk 328 pref Sport) are approved using the progeny testing.
Stallions whos breeding licenses were revoked: The stud book stallions Tietse 428 Sport (Reyert 337 x Oepke 266) and Tsjabring 429 Sport (Brandus 345 Sport x Tjimme 275) no longer have a breeding license. The offspring of these two stallions were unconvincing.
January 14, 2012 Stallion Show Results 2012 Older Champion Beart 411 (Jasper 366 x Feitse 293), Reserve Champion Jasper 366 (Olof 315 x Franke 251)
2012 Youth Champion-Norbert 444 (Tsjerk 328 x Hearke 254), Reserve Champion Uldrik 457 (Dries 421 x Tsjerk 328)
2012 Overall Champion Norbert 444, Reserve Champion Beart 411

2011 News:

Oct. 25th, 2011 RIP Approved Stallion Lukas 324 Lucas was born on May 1, 1986 and passed away October 21, 2011, our condolences to his owners.
July 12, RIP Approved Stallion Gradus 356, condolences to his owners.
April 2, RIP Approved Stallion Olof 315 , passed of old age at 23 yrs. olf was the sire of Jasper 366, condolences to his owners.
March 15th, RIP Approved Stallion Tsjerk 328, sport pref. has passed Condolences to the Toonen Family.
Febuary 2011, RIP Approved Stallion Jillis 301 (Jochem x Freark)
Jan 31, 2011, RIP Approved Stallion Ouke 313- passes away at age 23. Condolences to the Friesian Connection.
January 21, 2011, The Friesian Stallion Doaitsen 420 will be arriving at Vanderploeg Friesians in Ithaca, Michigan in March. He will be returning home after having spent the past 7 years in the Netherlands. The Vanderploeg are excited to welcome this spectacular stallion back to their farm. It is not know yet where the 9 year old stallion will be standing. Check for the latest information.
January 2011 The annual KFPS Stallion Champion was the Stallion Uldrik 457 and Reserve Champion Tsjalle 454


December, 2010 KFPS awards the stallions Teunis 332 and Jasper 366 with the Preferent predicate.
December, 2010 Three Stallions approved on offsprings Felle 422, Fridse 423, Harmen 424 en Haitse 425
September: Stallions Participate in Opening Ceremonies WEG
The list of stallions include:

Ielke 382 Stb Sport (Nyke 309 x Tsjalling 235) owned by van Manen & O.L. & M. v.d Weide-Schoonderbeek

Rintje V. (Melle 311 x Oege 267) owned by A.B. van Vugt

Marten Hendrik (Olof 315 x Frans 289) owned by Stichting Paarden Centrum Fryslân

Casper van de Oostwal (Jasper 366 x Hearke 254) owned by . van Nieuwenhuyzen & Mw S.L.Meinema

Jerke 434 Stb Sport (Onne 376 x Tsjerk 328) owned by A. P. Both

Haitse 425 Stb Sport (Jasper 366 x Rypke 32) owned by A.P. Both

Moud (Leffert 306 x Djurre 284) owned by Karen Waldron, Bent Tree Farm

Lolke 371 Stb Sport (Oege 267 x Reitse 272) Owned by Lolke 371

Mintse 384 Stb Sport (Leffert 306 x Lammert 260) owned by the Friesian Connection

Eeltsje F. (Fabe 348 x Tjimme 275) owned by Wyning Edge Friesians.

Fridse 423 stb Sport (Teunis 332 x Nammen 308) owned by Wish Upon a Ster Friesians will also play a special part in the opening ceremonies.

June 15th Approved Stallion Nanning 374 - R.I.P. condolences to his loving owners
April 5th Former Approved stallion Pilgrim 336 - R.I.P condolences to his loving owners
Jan 2010, CCFC member: Janna Goldman and her multiple KFPS registered Friesians is Winner FHANA President's Trophy!! Congratulations

Jan 30, 2010, Approved Stallion SAPE 381 is coming to the USA! he will stand at Signature Friesians in Kansas starting in April 2010!
The following is a list of the changing height requirements for entry into the Studbook and the various predicates.

Studbook Mares & Geldings 1.54 Meters or 15 3/4 Hands
Star Mares 1.56 Meters or 15.1 1/2 Hands
Star Geldings 1.58 Meters or 15.2 1/4 Hands
Crown Predicate 1.58 Meters or 15.2 1/4 Hands
Model Mare Predicate 1.60 Meters or 15.3 Hands
Studbook Stallions (age 3) 1.60 Meters or 15.3 Hands
Studbook Stallions (age 4) 1.63 Meters or 16 1/4 Hands


2009 Stallion Show, Champion Stallion Uldrik 457 and Reserve Champion Norbert 444.
December 18, 2009 US Stallion FEIKE Is approved on Offspring by the FPS!
Dec 11, 2009 - FPS Stallion Maeije 440 Comes to North America
Iron Spring Farm has purchased the KFPS Approved stallion Maeije 440. Maeije 440 is currently being held in quarantine, and when released will be transported to Iron Spring Farm. November 28/2009 - 5 New Stallions Approved

Take 455
Jacob X Oltman Stam Line 2 1.63 m Owner: A.P. Both Breeder: P. v.d. Meer Riding: 73.5 Driving: 81.0 Show Driving: 73.5
Tsjalle 454
Mintse X Brandus Stam Line 70 1.61 m Owner: G. Wijbenga-Meijer Breeder: G. Wijbenga-Meijer Riding: 75.5 Driving: 85.5 Show Driving: 91.5
Tymon 456
Andries X Leffert Stam Line 65 1.67 m Owner: A.P. Both Breeder: J.C. Lenis Riding: 84.5 Driving: 89.0 Show Driving: 89.5
Uwe 458
Beart X Bonne Stam Line 35 1.68 m Owner: Family Folmer Breeder: R. de Ram Riding: 76.5 Driving: 79.0 Show Driving: 74.5
Uldrik 457
Dries X Tsjerk Stam Line 12 1.62 m Owner: E.A. Constant Breeder: R.R. Steenbeek Riding: 88.0 Driving: 94.0 Show Driving: 95.5
Nov 2, 2009 - ANTON 343 Moves! Scott and Shelley Kelnhofer are proud to announce the acquisition of ANTON 343 Sport. ANTON joins NANNING 374 at Fenway Farms, located in Hortonville, WI.
OCTOBER The 2009 FHANA Convention, Reno oct 8-11th


  •  CLICK HERE, info on the Chapter of the year award  PDF File

  • CCFC President Melissa Fischbach Carries the CCFC flag in the opening ceremonies.
    Janna Goldmen and Her Stallion Ate, Win the Undersaddle chapter class Competition for CCFC!!


    Melissa Fischbach Accepts Chapters competition plaque on CCFC'c Behalf, from FHANA president Beth Sharp

    Also Ron Glodmen competed in the Chapters Driving class, coming in a respectable 3rd place.

    CCFC Member Ruth Page Attended with 15 horses many went in the Kuering on Thursday. She recieved Champion Gelding!! ( Sorry I dont have a photo)

    View Melissa's Photos slide show from Reno:

    Sep 2, 2009 -FHANA is on Facebook Stay update with current events within your association and join FHANA on Facebook

    The 2009 Western States Horse Expo:

    The Friesian presence this year was huge... one long stable row full of Friesian's, 5 geldings, 2 mares. For the demo, there was one western, three dressage, one ground driven, one cart driven. A successful event for FHANA and CCFC Member! Thank you Terrie for being our Orginizer!(photos courtesy Terrie Douglas & Muriel Price, news brief by Muriel Price)
    May 20, APROVED STALLION Heinse 354, Rest in Peace He was a beloved member of the Iron Spring Farm family for many years and dressage partner for Mary Alice. He coliced and died on Wednesday, May 20, 2009. Our Sincere condolences to Mary Alice and the staff at iron Springs Farm.
    APRIL, CCFC Member wins "Horse of Excellence" award at Endurance Race Against the odds I decided to gave Endurance Races a try with my 7 years old Purebred gelding "Haarlem." I have been consistently conditioning him, doing hill work at 3,000 feet elevation (Lots of protest from Harley there... after all Holland is under sea level) and distance rides. Harley and I participated on two endurances so far. My aim is to achieve completion with a healthy and happy horse. Our first Endurance Ride was in November 2008 in Oroville, CA (30 miles.) We finished 16th with straight As. The second endurance happened this last Saturday (April 4th, 2009) We did 25 miles and... Harley finished in Third Place and won the "Horse of Excellence" award (Means best conditioned horse) When we crossed the "Finish Line" we went to the vet without even resting. When the vet checked his pulse he shouted... "Holly cow, we have a winner here, this big guy pulse is only 42, I never saw that!" Harley loved his moment of glory (I did too!!!) He got a certificate and an embroidered blanket, that of course is way to small for him (after all only Arabian are supposed to win this kind of competitions.)
    ~ Magali McGreevy
    late Febuary 2009- US STALLION APPROVED! (write up and photos by Beth Sharp)
    Sipke 450 is the name chosen to replace Sylvester P. (Teade 392 x Ulke 338)..164 m tall, he was born 3/4/5. He is a beautiful stallion and will be standing at the Friesian Connection in Michigan, ( 616/893-2964 for information) and ready in time for this breeding season. His stud fee will be $1250 (plus the shipping/handling fees) so now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity.
    Sipke 450 is from the prestigious MareStam 50, and his dam, Bauwina W. ( Ulke 338 x Leffert 306) is a three time first premium mare. Her full sister Tjallina W. was just made Model in Michigan this last inspection season. Bauwina W's dam, Douwina W, is a Leffert 306 daughter and a Studbook Star Preferant mare. Bauwina W. is on track for Preferant status in the future.

    His scores in the testing (riding) were walk 8.0; trot 7.0; canter 7.0; CLM 7.5; Transition 7.0 ; Suitability 7.5 for a total of 81.0

    The driving scores were walk 7.5; trot 6.5; CLM 6.0; transition 6.5; effort 7.0; suitability 7.0 for a total of 74.5.
    The trainer in Hanford, Mr. Willy Arts, said at the second viewing that Sylvester (now Sipke 450) had "inherent natural talent and skill for dressage; something that, if it is not present naturally, is something that cannot be trained in...they either have it or they don't, and Sylvester has it." He was very pleased with the Sipke's calm, solid nature, combined with the dressage talent he possesses. He also mentioned that this talent for dressage movement is something that is a very inheritable trait, to be passed to offspring. Another plus for this new stallion.
    January 10/2009, STALLION SHOW MAURUS 441 (Tsjalke X Krist) is Champion of the 2009 Stallion Show DOAITSEN 420 (Wander 352 x Reitse Pref) is Reserve Champion of the 2009 Stallion Show. Watch it on
    Dates set for first round of Judging for perspective North American Stallions December 19, 2008 Location: DG Bar Ranch, Hanford CA Start time approximately 10:00 am Two Stallions will participate in this years 70 day test with trainer Willy Arts.

    Congratulations to the two selected Stallions that will be participating: Shamus P Sired by Wander 352 out of Willy Wieke P (Dam Sire: Tsjerk 328) Owned and bred by Klaas & Mares Vanderploeg and Family Sylester P Sired by Teade 392 out of Bauwina W ( Dam Sire: Ulke 338) Owned and bred by Klaas & Mares Vanderploeg and Family.

    FHANA members are encouraged to attend. Watching Dutch Judges Herman Smit and Fetse Veldstra view the Stallions being evaluated in this first round is a great educational opportunity to see what the judges are looking for when evaluating Stallions for approval Mention FHANA a get a discount at the Holiday Inn in Visalia, CA December 24, 2008 Congratulate Fridse 423 for achieving his Sport Predicate
    December 2008, The Following Stallions Made Preferent:
    Tsalling 237, Jochum 259, Lammert 260, Naen 264, Tsjerk 328

    December 2008. These Stallions have been approved on offspring: Rindert 406, Wierd 409, Bente 412, Doaitsen 420

    Now fully approved on offspring; he was provisional last year waiting for enough offspring to be tested: Aan 416

    On hold for one year, needing more offspring to be tested:
    Ymte 407, Botte 414

    Disqualified: Ait 410
    December 08, Meinse 439 is coming to America. Meinse 439 is the offspring of Heinse 354 and Femke fan Nes. Meinse 439 will be standing at Iron Springs Farm.
    Top 10 sires of horses qualifying for the Central Inspection
    Doaitsen 420 13

    Onne 376 Sport 13

    Beart 411 10

    Folkert 353 Sport 10

    Jasper 366 Sport 9

    Sape 381 8

    Teunis 332 8

    Tsjerk 328 8

    Mintse 384 Sport 7

    Andries 415 5

    Dressage potential
    Beart 411 6

    Jasper 366 Sport 5

    Brandus 345 Sport 4

    Mintse 384 Sport 3

    Rindert 406 Sport 3

    Tsjalke 397 3

    Show driving horses
    Folkert 353 Sport 3

    Jasper 366 Sport 3

    Onne 376 Sport 3

    December 1,2008 Meinse 439 is coming to America. Meinse 439, 200401387, is the offspring of Heinse 354 and Femke fan Nes. Meinse 439 will be standing at Iron Springs Farm in Coatesville, PA.
    October, 2008 Approved Stallion Tonis 393 deceased The KFPS approved stallion Tonis 393 has deceased. The stallion was found dead in his stable this weekend. Tonis 393 (Tamme x Oege) was approved on offspring in 2006. The stallion produced 25 star offspring. Tonis' breeder and owner was family Vanderploeg, Ithica, Michigan (USA) and he was located at stud "it Heechsan" in Oostermeer (Holland).
    September Long Time FHANA member and owner of Approved Stallion Lucas, Anita Mellott tragically Passes away in motorcycle accident. She is survived by her husband John who sustained Severe Injuries. A Link to a memorial page can be found on the FHANA web site.
    Jan Englesma Seminar 2008

    It was a fun day in a friendly and amicable atmosphere, everyone went away with a better education on the Friesian horse then they arrived with...... CLICK HERE to READ MORE and SEE PHOTOS

    Horse Expo 2008

    Left to Right CCFC Members: Shea Elledge, Brigitte Bondoux & Melissa Fischbach

    Horse Expo 2008, FHANA and CCFC members, Created a really nice showing of the Friesians This year, only two horses were there to represented the breed, "Harold VR" the Friesian Stallion chosen at the CCFC breed inspection last year for Central proving and owned by CCFC member Jackie Basagoitia. And "Belinda Z" a Friesian Mare owned by CCFC member and Expo booth organizer Terrie Douglas. Both horses proved themselves to be excellent breed ambassadors. Harold with his vast presence, had people with cameras falling over themselves to grab photos and Belinda with her love of the crowd and quiet domineer, stood quietly tied out of her stall while crowds of people swarmed her to offer pets. Thank you to all the volunteers, those that worked set up and tear down, and those who spent a few hours sitting in the booth answering questions.

    CCFC Members: Terrie Douglas & Belinda

    Please enjoy the a photo slide show and movie from the 2008 Western States Horse Expo
    CLICK HERE, View Melissa's Slide show of photos (Quick Time required)

    Watch video of breed demo! filmed by melissa
    APPROVED STALLION: LUCAS 324 is returning the The US to his home, after spending some years breeding in Holland.
    2008 APPROVED STALLIONS Awarded Sport Predicate for excellence in competition.
    Lolke 371 Stb Sport Gloria J. Bowman

    Anne 340 Stb Sport James & Lorraine Paradinovich, Friesian Dreams

    Melle 311 Stb Sport Rob & Tammy Hildreth, Friesian Quest LLC
    DECEASED: Remmelt 323, our sincerely condolences to His loving owners Vicky & Steve Shaman at Shaman's Circle Ranch.
    5/2008 NEW APPROVED STALLION in US: A Brandus Son Brend 413 will be in the US soon, he will be joining other top stallions at Iron Springs Farm.
    FPS Announced Three New Approved Stallions
    Tjalf 443 - (Heinse x Tjimme)
    Norbert 444 (Tsjerk x Hearke)
    Olgert 445 (Ulke x Atse)
    3/08/2008 NEW STALLION in US: one of Holland's premier stallions, Lolke 371, will be in the US in time for the 2008 breeding season. The last approved son of the legendary Oege P out of a ster daughter of Reitse P, Lolke is a tall (16.1+ hands), modern, sport predicate-qualified, exceptionally bred stallion. Always a 1st premie, he is permanently approved on offspring. Contact the Stallion Managers Phone: 410-745-2423 email: Website:
    2-28-2008 US Stallion Approved 'Michael W' (Tsjerk 328 x Leffert 306) Owned by Harry Witteveen of Canada, will be known as 'MICHIEL 442' Congratulations to the Witteveen Family! This historic event is the first time stallions were able to go through the 70 day testing in North America.
    copy and paste above address in browser to see youtube footage of this stallion WOW!!
    1/12/2008 KFPS Stallion Show Champion is: "HAITSE 425" (Jasper X Rypke) Reserve Champion is: "BEART 411", (Jasper X Feitse)
    HORSE SALE INFO. New for 2008 When you sell a Friesian horse, and the buyer will be a new FHANA Member. The Seller can send in the registration & transfer form along with the new owner (buyers) address, phone etc. and for $125.00 this covers the registration transfer and the new owner membership fee, and savings of $60.00 and a friendly way to complete your transaction.

    Imports; If no registration Transfer or import fees are paid for, and the buyer does not become a member of FHANA. There will be No record of your Horse being in the US and you horse will officially and legally still be owned by the last owner, who is usually in Holland. So Please get you paperwork sent in when you buy a new horse to avoid confusion and late fees.